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Welcome to our documentation site where you can learn how to import/export data, integrate with third party applications, and write custom AnswerHub user interfaces.

Get Started

Overview of AnswerHub REST API

In the "Getting Started" subcategories, you will find information about AnswerHub, the APIs, How to Get Started with Using the API, Using the API Explorer to Test Out Endpoints in the References, and How to Interact with the API.

API Explorer has a new password:

Navigate to Using the API Explorer Section for more details.


From here, you can go to any of the subcategories in the navigation tree to get started. We recommend going through all of the "Getting Started" subcategories if you are new to AnswerHub.


If you're new to AnswerHub, check out the Glossary.

Check to see if you have already enabled the REST API and have Granted Use API Permission to the user

Navigating to Other Areas of the Site

If you have already enabled REST API and granted permissions and you ...

  • just want to view all of the references, click on the Reference Docs.
  • already know which specific endpoint you want to read about, use the search bar on the top right-hand side of the page to go directly to that endpoint.
  • want to gain a better understanding of AnswerHub from a UI perspective, click on the AnswerHub UI User Guides.


You may see the name "TeamHub" in the Administration Dashboard. This name has been renamed "AnswerHub," but still remains to be seen throughout some of the roles, plugins, theme images and the code.

What's Next

Go through all of the "Getting Started" sections before moving to "Using AnswerHub REST API" if you are new to AnswerHub.

Intro to AnswerHub